Monday, December 21, 2009


John Iversen, born in Hamburg Germany and now living in New York, has been creating jewelry for over 30 years. A master craftsman, Iversen has been acknowledged for his work with the George Jensen Award at the Smithsonian Craft Show in 2001 and the Excellence in Crafts Award at the Baltimore ACC crafts show. Iversen's foray into "Nature Casting" spans the gap between fine art and craft and showcases his talents in both arenas. Developed in the 18th century, the nature cast is a technique used to create one of a kind representation of a natural object. Working in bronze, silver and gold, Iversen's pins retain the delicate surface of the leaves that he so carefully chooses. The artist draws inspiration from the organic forms and surfaces seen in his leaves and incorporates them into his varied collection. Simple collar necklaces are accentuated with finely detailed texture and his swirl bracelets are reminiscent of trailing vines. Iversen's work is as varied and unique as the natural world itself.

JOHN IVERSEN! Just The Right Touch for Earthly Delights!

The Magnificence of the Natural World!

Universally Appealing!

John Iversen’s Jewelry is a Perfect Marriage of Art and Nature.

Known for His Unique Style of “Nature Casting,” the Golden Leaves and Organic Forms of

John Iversen’s Pieces beg to be held and worn.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Gabriella Kiss' delicate, figurative jewelry is at once poetic and scientific. Meticulously crafted in the finest materials, her precision reveals the awesome beauty of nature's nuances. The daughter of a research scientist, Gabriella studied sculpture at New York's Pratt Institute, learning to make wax models for casting, a technique that now defines her jewelry designs. Through her renowned jewelry, Gabriella gracefully honors her enduring fascination with nature, with life cycles, with birth and death and the universe in between. Gabriella Kiss has an eye for the small and is drawn to detail, deriving inspiration from the flora and fauna of nature, the life cycles of the natural world and art history. The pieces are meant to have a personal meaning to the wearer, beyond adornment.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


MR. GRAHAM is functional ornamentation for modern men living in the spirit of Ernst Haeckel, George Washington Carver, and Nicolai Tesla. Futurists of their time, all of these men were intellectually multi-dimensional while being deeply seated in the arts. They also set life style trends, not only for their time but for future generations up until the present.
MR.GRAHAM modifies male ornamentation from the traditional standards of men's jewelry into inventive, elegant design that takes advantage of the shift in our culture from the Baby Boomer Generation to the new values, community, technology, altruism and entrepreneurship of the modern gentleman.
MR.GRAHAM designs are organic in nature and expand the established men's accessory category beyond jewelry into stylish functional gear that improves the client's ability to organize practical accessories while keeping their image intact.

Thursday, December 3, 2009




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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sarah Graham designs evocative jewelry by applying original artistry and fashions it with the traditional methods underlying old-world craftsmanship. She brings her jewelry to the marketplace with client insightfulness and a superb grounding in business and customer service skills. The jewelry is subtly feminine yet substantial; unique yet universal in appeal.

Sarah's jewelry pushes the boundaries of convention through her use of the arresting contrasts inherent in the juxtaposition of 18 karat gold and blackened steel; of black, white and cognac diamonds; of Akoya and Tahitian Pearls. It carries strong tones of thoughtfulness, attention to detail, quality, and timelessness. Her signature combination of black, white, and gold colors immediately identifies the artist.

The inspiration for her originality of design and materials is grounded in Nature as confirmed by the labeling of her major product lines as: Manzanita; Pebbles; Stepping Stones; Oyster; Conifer and her line of Bridal rings - Kyoto, Bamboo, Leaf, and River Rock. Each piece speaks to its name-source. Sarah's process of design and construction of prototype models (she spends days experimenting with each new design piece) is grounded in one of the cardinal virtues found in Nature - that of patience.Sarah painstakingly perfected her old-world craftsmanship by serving as an unpaid apprentice for two rigorous years under a master goldsmith in Carmel, California.

She then became a bench jeweler for six years until she launched Sarah Graham Metalsmithing in 2000.Her combination of inspired design and exquisite materials with superior workmanship results in a collection of jewelry that is both bold and daring without sacrificing the elegance and sophistication that assure an ageless quality. The jewelry is calm, serene, and graceful, qualities that together generate feelings of subtle excitement in both the wearer and the viewer.

Sarah sees her prototypical customer as a strong, accomplished woman with graceful, natural beauty - a woman who wants her jewelry to display her self-confidence in taste and style and to subtly command attention whether worn with everyday attire or evening elegance. Sarah's jewelry delivers just that!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There is something of an alchemist's magic in Pat Flynn. Like those artful wizards of long ago, he changes common materials into objects of value and delight. Rusty nails, chips of slate, slivers of ivory snatched from discarded piano keys - all transform under Flynn's skillful hand, emerging as delicate pins and brooches. Embracing "all those things that mean function," the artist creates palm size works that become wearable sculptural drawings. Seemingly simple, the pieces harbor an intensity and detail that entice the viewer to linger over them, yet never overpower the wearer. They have earned Flynn a growing reputation as a creative innovator in the field, evidenced in his numerous workshops and exhibitions. In its miniature elegance, Flynn's work redefines our notions of richness. While many of the pieces feature elements of silver and gold, it is the incorporation of common materials, which expands their meanings. Ignoring monetary value and tradition, Flynn chooses substances for their contributions of color and texture. Pewter and slate lend a rich grayness; rusty nails and barbed wire reveal a character and history of their own. Drawing inspiration from his rural Pennsylvania upbringing, Flynn captures personal memories of farm life and the out-of-doors in his work. "Many of my works spring from images and feelings from my childhood on the farm," Flynn comments, "Daily life with its patterns and rhythms, had a good discipline there. Many of the materials, colors, and textures I work with come from memories of those daily talks - both good and bad."