Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meet GELLNER - Quadrum's Newest Addition

GELLNER has a thirst for sensuality and nature, for beautiful objects and moments that fill us with wonder. Gellner selects the most beautiful pearls and creates distinctive designs that become timeless treasures that define the spirit of the pearls. Their jewelry plays between lightness and luxury meant to accompany life’s occasions and celebrations.

Founded in 1967 by Tove and Heinz Gellner, the jewelry manufacturer of the same name is now led in its second generation by J├Ârg Gellner. A globally operative, owner-run company, Gellner is inspired by the Spirit of Pearls.
Gellner's spirit of pearls is characterized by quality and creativity. Beauty is seen in tangible forms with Gellner's jewelry. Gellner incorporates this interplay of zeitgeist and timeless appeal in skillfully designed masterpieces featuring the finest pearls to create jewelry that is appreciated and noticed. This is jewelry to fall in love with and to be seen in.

Gellner jewelry is an alliance between the creative power of nature and the formative power of design. Close cooperation with internationally renowned jewelry designers, together with ideas from our own goldsmith studio, are what give the Spirit of Pearls its uniqueness.

Quadrum is so excited to share this collection as we have always believed there is a pearl lover inside each of us. Their collections encompass all styles, from modern to classic, there truly is something for everyone! Gellner has revived the traditional pearl, using black diamonds, crocheted stainless steel, sterling silver and 18K, to create a style that is fun, cutting edge, and fresh.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ROBERT WAN: Tahiti's "Pearl Emperor"

Meet Robert Wan! Known throughout the world as "the Emperor of the Tahitian Pearl". He has devoted his life to the creation of extraordinary things.
When he discovered the cultured pearl in 1973, he began a marvelous adventure that continues even today. He bought his first pearl farm in 1974. Throughout the years, Robert Wan has become a legendary pioneer in the Tahitian cultured pearl industry.
Robert Wan is a connoisseur in the science of pearl farming and has a profound respect of the environment and of divergent cultures.
Robert Wan embodies originality and versatility in his designs of his Tahitian Pearl jewelry in a universe that respects nature and brings to mind ancient civilizations.
Robert Wan pays tribute to his beginnings and to the forces of nature that have enabled him to create the ultimate design of one of the most precious gems in the world.
Robert Wan surrounds himself with beauty, elegance, and grace. He has said that "his passion is to offer the best possible pearls to every woman in the world."
We have never seen anything like Robert's jewelry. His work is inspirational. Gorgeous, silvery gray Tahitian pearls, mixed with woven black leather, detailed with keshi pearls vibrate with harmony. Come discover the unique, bold and contemporary look that is distinctively Robert Wan!