Thursday, May 29, 2014

Diamond jewelry like no other!

Todd Pownell's jewelry is cosmos away from traditional diamond jewelry, and thank goodness!
From the offbeat bride to the daring daydreamer, Todd's designs will rock your world!

"The interaction of dark and light metals combine with fine gold and diamonds to evoke a sense of mystery and sublime nature." - Todd Pownell

Rugged and refined, there is everything to love about this exquisite jewelry collection - discover its excellence for yourself, right here!

#COUTURE2014 -- Sia and Amy do Vegas & The Couture Show!!

The 2014 Couture show in Las Vegas is in full force! Follow Sia and Amy on Instagram as they discover the brightest (literally!) new designs emerging in the world of jewelry!!
#couture2014 to see what they are seeing, in real time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quadrum takes on The Couture Show in Las Vegas...Here We Come!

Sia and Amy are armed with their iPhones and ready to take on Couture! Follow their adventures in jewelry via Instagram to watch the newest designs, and brightest sparkles emerging from the desert of Las Vegas!

(They will always hashtag #Couture2014 and #ShowYourCouture so you don't miss a necklace, bracelet, or blingity ring thing!!)

Sia (jewelry_maven) showcasing some of her favorite Couture artists;
Todd Reed, Alex Sepkus, Anne Sportun, Jamie Joesph, Polly Wales, Yossi Harari, Barbara Heinrich, Gurhan
Amy (thegemdiaries) rocking what's hot from Quadrum's Couture designers;
Jamie Joesph, Barbara Heinrich, Alex Spekus, Anne Sportun and Polly wales
 This is the time of year when new designers get discovered and veteran Quadrum favorites showcase their new collections. We get so giddy for the Couture show because it means the cases in the gallery will soon be filled with new goodies that we can't wait to share with you! 

Last year, to name a few, we came home with Polly Wales, Todd Reed and Monica Rich Kosann
Follow us in real time to see what is in store for us all this year!!!
Rings by Polly Wales
Todd Reed's ravishing designs
Monica Rich Kosann's precious pendants
 Please enjoy our #ShowYourCouture takeover as we take on The Couture Show!!
The official Couture Show Instagram account is by_couture!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Introducing Our Newest Artist... Rosanne Pugliese!

If you haven't already started your summer wardrobe shopping, now is a great time to take a plunge into our newest designer's cool summer jewels! Fit for summer days from sun up to sun down, Rosanne Pugliese's gemstone earrings are the perfect complement to the colors of summer. We relentlessly search for the most fabulously talented artists in the jewelry world - and we love the thrill of the catch, and so it is with great pleasure that we present to you, Rosanne Pugliese! Discover what her jewelry is all about!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Please Welcome Rosanne Pugliese!

We are delighted to introduce to you our newest artist, Rosanne Pugliese! Handmade in a small artisan workshop in New York City, the majority of Rosanne's collection is made in 22K gold. Each piece is hand wrought, from the timeless hoop earrings to the intricate chains.

Rosanne carefully chooses each gemstone that is incorporated into every elegant piece. Her designs are earthy and raw while keeping to a classic and gentle feminine look, which makes them so unique and prized. There is an extremely apparent respect that is given each piece from start to finish.

Rosanne is very intentional in the way that she runs her small jewelry company so that it may remain an environmentally responsible business, using only recycled precious metals.

Credit goes to design director Toyo Kurokawa for her talent and inspiration, and for the quality of each piece that leaves the workshop.

"I discovered my passion for jewelry making while in the midst of a career in the fashion world. I was greatly influenced while designing for Calvin Klein, honing an eye for choosing luxurious, sensuous materials and putting them to work in clean, modern, sculptural forms." -Rosanne Pugliese
We just LOVE Rosanne's work! It is refreshing and sophisticated. Her use of asymmetrical and mismatched gemstones is so invigorating and playful. These aspects coupled with her gentle finishing techniques give this jewelry collection a true sense of wonderment and refinement. There is no mistaking the attention to detail and fine lines that are so present in this strong body of work.

Visit Quadrum to view this beautiful new collection in person, or catch a sneak peek at the gallery's luxurious new addition here.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Gemgossip Visits Quadrum!

We recently had the absolute pleasure of playing jewelry with Gemgossip correspondent Alexis Kletjian! This is a woman with the winning combination of great style and impeccable taste, who is an emerging jewelry designer to boot! (Not to mention she holds GIA accreditation and a hidden talent for a good game of charades!)
Not only do we admire Alexis' wide range of talents and strong sense of self, but we adore that she believes the best splurge is "anything that makes you feel beautiful or happy every time you come across or experience it's benefits.  It could be a daily latte, jewelry, furniture, professional portrait of your family, or the extra time you carve out for yourself."  YES!
Check out our favorite new Bostonian's blog, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages and you will quickly see why we made fast friends with this gal!
We just love how Alexis was able to mix up all of our jewels to create a super fabulous, mouth watering photoshoot

It is incredible that Alexis is fully immersed in the amazing work of Gemgossip, a site that has long been on our radar as one of the premier outlets to discover jewelry...from the oldest of vintage treasures to the newest of modern day master pieces.

Danielle Miele, the creator and genius behind Gemgossip began her successful blog in 2008, and has since inspired the WORLD over to #showmeyourrings !! Her Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest pages all further reveal her jewelry obsession (that we clearly share!!).

As a GIA graduate, Danielle spends her time jewelry appraise-a-ring'ing, blogging, instagramming, facebooking, managing her own website and Etsy page and auction house hunting! *Whew* and we love every minute of it!
Danielle modeling Todd Reed's jewelry...Get delirious as you gander through her Jewels at my Doorstep section!
We thank this busy girl, as she is forever traveling and using her keen eye to seek out the very best jewelry in the whole wide world. Danielle, you are an inspiration to all of us jewelry obsessed folk! You keep us on a wild ride through the world of jewelry, never stop!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gabriella Kiss... Fresh Spring Inspirations!

Gabriella Kiss' jewelry is the perfect way to take ahold of the lush greens of the Spring season and add a little wild beauty to your collection. Her snake rings paired with a stackable gemstone ring adds whimsy to any wardrobe. Try on a snake ring and get in touch with your natural side!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

May We Interest You in a Cocktail?!

Cocktail rings, mixed drinks, it's Saturday...and we love them both, so why not have at it?!
While you don't necessarily have to be sipping a martini in order to sufficiently flaunt your fabulous new ring, it certainly doesn't hurt the matter.

Historically, the cocktail ring (also known as a dinner ring) was a piece of jewelry that was first and foremost over sized. This large stone was also often surrounded by tiny stones.
We modern women can work with this!
Large stone? Check!
Statement maker? Check!
Dinner, Cocktails? Check, Check!

We thank Jamie Joseph (pretty much on a daily basis) for giving cocktail rings a fresh new look. Unique, colorful, bold and affordable - they consistently blow us out of the water with their gorgeous array of stones cut into unparalleled shapes.

With the warm weather here at last, we can finally give our sun kissed hands and freshly manicured nails an over sized complement! There is every color to choose from...what speaks to you?!

Visit the gallery to see our complete treasure trove of Jamie Joseph cocktail rings, or view an abbreviated version of the collection here.

See you on the patio!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Enhydro Quartz Pendants by Maria Beaulieu

These one-of-a-kind Enhydro-Quartz pendants from Maria Beaulieu have just been added to our cases! Each stone has a water filled chamber within...utterly unique and completely captivating. These special pendants hang from Maria's handmade paperclip chains - aren't they simply breathtaking?!
Maria Beaulieu’s Rock Crystal Enhydro “Bubble” amulets have a soothing, grounding energy that will unite you with the power of each stone. You just have to hold one of these special “Bubble” pendants to feel the mesmerizing, meditative energy.
The word "enhydrous" has Greek origins meaning "having water within". Enydros often contain bubbles of air trapped in the pockets of water within the crystal, and so they are also sometimes called "water bubble quartz" which contains channels of water purified by hundreds of thousands of years of geological time, and intense heat and pressure. The "channels or voids" can contain extremely large air bubbles to teeny tiny bubbles along with black specks. By the logic of their formation, enhydrous water bubble quartz usually contains inclusions and can have really interesting matrix. Look deep inside and each stone has its own unique Zen landscape. No two are the same, depending on the stone you may see swirling clouds, rainbow inclusions and brilliant white inclusions within the quartz crystal. Go ahead and get lost!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Gabriella Kiss: A Portrait in Creativity

"Enchanted with the gesture of the human hand, and the gestures of nature, Gabriella Kiss creates jewelry that reconnects us to the wonders of the forest and its floor. Her discoveries are our treasures..."" - Gael Towey

Gael Towey is an incredibly talented woman with an amazing repertoire of work under her belt. Her production company, Gael Towey & Co. Short Films has documented a number of artists and their inspirations in concise and gorgeous video form. Read more about Ms. Towey and her life's work here!

A recent video of Gael Towey & Co. Short Films highlights the beautiful life, work, and inspirations of Gabriella Kiss! We invite you to take a closer look at the jewelry designer, whom we all know and love, and jump at any opportunity to peek inside her fascinating world! 

We are forever in love with how Gabriella wears her jewelry - truly inspirational!
"Gabriella has a very balanced way of looking at the world...she has true beauty and inner beauty..."- Ted Muehling
"Pearls are amazing...Tahitian and South Sea pearls... really are treasures of the sea." -Gabriella Kiss
"Clipper ships...having a voyage taking place by your ears...I have always come at my work to be small sculpture..." -Gabriella Kiss
"I do truly have wonder for nature...and the tiny things in all is miraculous and amazing..." -Gabriella Kiss
The "Love Token" series was inspired by the 19th century tradition of giving a painted eye to a loved one.

Many thanks to Gael Towey, who produced and directed this lovely short film. It is no surprise that Ms. Towey's great love is storytelling. Her short-form videos, "Portraits in Creativity" reveal the bravery of artists and artisans all while seeking to capture the visual seduction of the creative process. Success, and bravo Ms. Towey...just like Gabriella Kiss' jewelry, this short film is a real treasure!

All images above have been taken from the film, courtesy of Gentl + Hyers, Directors of Photography, whom we also thank for sharing such visual brilliance!

(Andrea Gentl has an amazingly beautiful blog: - check it out!)

Also featured in the film are: Chris Lehrecke, Ted Muehling, and Ralph Pucci International.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day from Quadrum!

Wishing all you special ladies out there a VERY Happy Mother's Day! 
Fill your day with love and treasures (we can help with the latter!) - We honor all that you do Mom, every day!

Friday, May 9, 2014

There is Still Time for The Prefect Mothers Day Gift.

Give Mom a special token of love this Mother's Day, a pendant from Anne Sportun that can be worn every day! 
Many styles to choose from, and perfect for layering. When was the last time you saw Mom somersault?! She will for this!

TODAY! Anne Sportun Trunk Show... Treat Yourself!

Anne Sportun has filled our cases with a vast array of new designs! Our heads are spinning in glorious sparkling circles! Come join the fun!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

There is Still Time For The Perfect Mothers Day Gifts!

Unparalleled gifts from Todd Reed...rough, raw and rose cut diamonds...precisely what Mom wants this Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Mother's Day "Isabella"

This Isabella Necklace by Reinstein/Ross is the perfect testament to the multi-faceted talents that make Mom so wonderful. It is a necklace that is meticulously crafted by hand and strung with stones of all shapes and colors. Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, or just pearls. Choose the color combination that best suits Mom, and really show her how special she is this Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Celebrate Mother's Day With A Gift From Quadrum!

Mother's Day is this weekend! Surprise Mom with a fiercely fabulous piece of Anne Sportun jewelry.
Our Trunk Show will be going on all weekend so you can pick the perfect gift at your convenience.
She will thank you endlessly!

Mother's Day Gift Guide Inspirations!

Mom deserves a lot of things. She does it all, and so - deserves it all! It would be nice to indulge her in every last one of those things, but we are here to help make things simple.
(And of course to help make her ecstatic!)
Here we have the break down for you...the top 11 gift picks for Mother's Day.
That's right eleven! Everyone stops at 10 with their lists, we have way too many favorites so we are giving you 11! Think of it as one for good luck!!! (Mother's Day does fall on the 11th this year, after all!)

Drumroll please... (Pssst! You can't go wrong!)
#1 - Pendants from Todd Pownell
A pendant from Todd Pownell - what's not to love?! Sparkly, funky and totally special. Each of these pendants has a personality all its own. Make Mom stand out in one of these diamond dazzlers and she will beam from head to toe. We can hear her gasping already!!
#2 - Barbara Heinrich stacking rings
What better way to commemorate what makes Mom who she is than by celebrating her children!? Barbara Heinrich's stacking rings are the perfect way to incorporate those precious birthstones into an everyday reminder of love and gratitude. Start a stack, or add to her existing one this year.
Classic. Heirloom. Pure. Love.
#3 - Pat Flynn nail bracelets
An absolute Quadrum favorite! We think everyone should own one, or five, of these bracelets!! They are the perfect everyday piece of jewelry that can easily be added into any bracelet stack to noir it up, or worn alone for the simple days (because those happen too!).
Let this be the bracelet that gives Mom the (sometimes much needed) daily reminder of how much she is cherished. We REALLY love these forged iron nail bracelets, and mom will too. Diamonds, gold or both! You know her best...which one would she love?!
#4 - Jamie Joseph rings
We tend to think of holidays in terms of colors, stones, metals and moods. Mother's Day falls in the early spring days of fresh green coming back to life, and vibrant colors starting to pop all around. The winter blues are being shed away and excitement is on full blast for the splendid seasons ahead. Honor Mom on her holiday with a bold and lively gemstone ring from Jamie Joseph! This is the perfect gift for a woman who really gets into the spirit of the season.
Match her exuberance with a gorgeous gem!
#5 - Earrings from Reinstein/Ross
 These earrings are sensational! Elegant, glamorous drops of sparkling diamond delight!!! Reinstein/Ross' sleek, classic designs speak for themselves. They alloy all of their own gold and hand make each piece in their New York City studio. Their dedication to perfection shines through.
A pair of Reinstein/Ross earrings is a wonderful gift because you can add a different drop for every occasion. Start Mom on a journey of versatile earrings that last a lifetime.
What else can we say?! These earrings are simply sublime. Mom will be speechless too.
#6 - Diamond Slice Pendants by Loriann Stevenson
For the minimalist, modern Mom we have natural diamond slice pendants by Loriann Stevenson. Seeing is believing when it comes to the way these little pretties sparkle!
Get noticed from across the room without putting on much.
Layer them up, or keep it simple, simple, simple. These are just as fab with a plain T-shirt!
That's what makes these one of the greatest Mom gifts of all, because we know she is on the go and doesn't always have time to think about how to accessorize...the solution is right here.
Look better than good, day and night!
#7 - Todd Reed stack rings
What will Mom love today, and every day? Her family, of course...and these rings! Todd Reed has so many breath taking designs to choose from and never skimps on the ooh-and-aah factor. Let Mom have it this year with an intensely gorgeous stack of Todd Reed rings! His raw diamonds paired with oxidized metal and pops of gold are a sure fire way to make Mom giddy with jewelry joy!
(Are you seeing a theme here? Stacking rings! They are such a great gift, because you can add on to the stack at every celebration!!)
#8 - Enhydro Quartz Bubble Amulets from Maria Beaulieu
Fascinate Mom with one of these completely unusual and absolutely striking Enhydro Quartz amulets. Maria Beaulieu hand makes each chain that pairs perfectly with these enchanting pendants. Want to wow Mom with an extraordinary fact?! The stones have water trapped inside the crystals from millions of years ago! Looking for a gift with soul? This is where it's at!!
#9 - Gabriella Kiss rings
Anything from Gabriella Kiss. Seriously.
If your special lady is the kind of girl who loves curious, nature inspired jewelry - Gabriella Kiss is her jewelry match made in heaven! We crush on Gabriella's rings and everythings, and we (clearly) have trouble choosing just one, but the snake ring is her newest addition to our cases so...we are obsessing. 
Gabriella's stone rings run the gamut from sapphire to dendrite to natural diamond. They stack beautifully and are set in perfectly scalloped handmade bezels. 
Impeccably complementing one another, these rings are such a lovely way to mark a milestone.
Think outside the proverbial box this year and give Mom a wild surprise, literally.
#10 - Jax earrings from John Iversen
 There are so many versions of this classic earring by John Iversen, and we love them all! The Jax earring has been a long time favorite at Quadrum, and this Mother's Day we are singling out the oh so pretty pearl style. This is a peek into our John Iversen case, where his designs are always organic in nature and exciting in presence. Come see for yourself the beauty these behold and choose the pair that best suits your lucky lady. We know Mom will love them!!!
#11 - Flowers from Winston
 C'mon, we weren't gonna let you off that easy - Don't forget the flowers!
Winston Flowers' flagship store is conveniently located in Chestnut Hill, it doesn't get much easier than that! (Though they have six other stores, including one in Connecticut!)
Winston is our go to for all of our bouquets. They do an impeccable job, every time. 
Here is a sneak peek into their Mother's Day selection...can't you smell them already?!

There ya have it! Our Top Eleven Gifts for Mother's Day this year. 
Questions? Comments? Want to see more? (Oh, we've got more!!!) Let us know!

Jewelry. Check! Flowers. Check! Mom is going to swoon.
Sunday, May 11th is fast approaching...we've got what she needs!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Anne Sportun... A Mother's Day Trunk Show!

If you have not shopped for Mom yet, don't fret! Our Anne Sportun Trunk Show will be going on all weekend with SO many gorgeous gifts to choose from.
Visit the gallery this Friday, Saturday or Sunday and get inspired to celebrate Mother's Day in luxurious style!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

One Of A Kind Golden Flowers For A One Of A Kind Mom.

Flowers are so important on Mother's is Spring after all! Why not give Mom the exceptional gift of flowers that are everlasting?! We are talking about nature inspired earrings from John Iversen!
Hydrangea have never looked so good as when they are made of little golden clusters, or set with sparkling pave diamonds. Show her what you know about garden varieties, and surprise Mom with a cherish-forever kind of gift!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother's Day...Give Jewelry, Hands Down!

She gave you life, so the least you can do for mom this Mother's Day is give her what she really wants... JEWELRY! With this most special occasion in mind we are making it very easy for you with an Anne Sportun Trunk Show!
Anne Sportun's rings are exquisite in every sense of the word
Mark your calendars because from May 9-11th the gallery will be erupting with sparkle and you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to surprise that special lady known as Mom - she truly deserves it!!!
Check out this Sunburst Ring! It comes in yellow or white gold, and many different stone color variations - spectacular!
If she could pick her own gift this year we can assure you it would be coming in a little black box - and the time to honor Mom is right around the corner (just one weeks away!), but don't worry...we've got you covered!
A true Quadrum favorite are these wrap bracelets...mix, match, layer 'em up! We can't get enough!!
Anne Sportun's jewelry is know for its understated elegance, sophistication and versatility. Her designs are coming straight from the fashionable and hip downtown of Toronto, and we are so pleased to have such a collection on view for you!

 Join us for our annual Anne Sportun Mother's Day Trunk Show and you will be sure to make her day!
Give her the world... on her hands, neck and wrists!