Monday, March 29, 2010


We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the QUADRUM collection: ALEX SEPKUS!
Please visit us soon to experience this dazzling selection of artfully crafted jewels.


A master of design and a true original in today's world, Alex Sepkus, is a craftsman whose priority is beauty. Alex's insight and passion for his work are the driving forces in his life; "I do not keep my technique a secret. It's simply the things that I do with my fingers that transfer the idea from my head to the material."
A voracious reader, Alex's greatest inspiration comes from engrossing himself within the pages of great literary works. He gets lost in a world that brings him thousands of different ideas. "When I design a piece of jewelry it is as if I am writing a book. Each design is a chapter, not in words, but in shapes and textures. I make precious stones and cold metal speak."
A native of Vilnius, Lithuania, Alex received his graduate degree in industrial design from the Lithuanian Academy of Arts. His studies included interiors, glass making, sculpture, etchings and graphics and his graduate work was ultimately in jewelry design. Alex developed a great passion for the intricacies of his craft, creating a world that can be truly appreciated only under a microscope.
Alex immigrated to the United States in 1988. Quickly garnering the attention and respect of his peers, Alex Sepkus' efforts earned him the Jewelers of American New Designer of the Year within his first 5 years.
Today Alex Sepkus employs seventeen craftsman who work at benches with microscope mounted to swing in and out to insure the fineness and delicacy required of each piece. His signature fine detail raises the standard of excellence of all work that carries the Alex Sepkus name.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Barbara Heinrich Trunk Show

This spring, treat yourself to a beautiful one of a kind piece of jewelry designed by Barbara Heinrich. The highlights from Barbara’s new spring collection are luminous rose cut ruby strands with her signature hydrangea petals, uniquely faceted dark blue sapphires, and lustrous chocolate Tahitian pearls.
Barbara is taking half-hour appointments to meet with clients on Thursday, April 1st. Take a peek into your jewelry box and see what needs a makeover! Have you inherited a sentimental diamond ring from a family member that you’d like to update? Do you have gemstone earrings that you never wear and would like to transform? It’s the perfect time to re-vamp your jewelry into something you will enjoy wearing every day!
Call today to make an appointment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


An incredible selection of Jeanine Payer jewelry due to arrive at Quadrum this
Friday, March 26th!
After a brief hiatus, we're pleased to once again represent Jeanine's unique and personal jewelry. Each piece is hand engraved with a famous poem, quote, or sentiment,
making them wonderful gifts!
Perfect for Mother's Day!!
Quadrum will be offering complimentary custom engraving on all orders placed by April 7.
Have a special sentiment enscribed just for you or your loved one!
Special Orders placed by April 7 due to arrive before Mother's Day, Sunday, May 9th!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alicia Keys in GURHAN!!

Gurhan's brilliantly deep 24k gold jewelry
is so hip that it is the jewelry of choice
for today's hottest Divas including Alicia Keys!
Here she is in the latest issue of Gotham Magazine
wearing Gurhan's famed 24k gold hoop earrings with liquid gold drop shapes.
Quadrum just received a big shipment of Gurhan's latest fashions.
Be a Diva! Come in and find your favorite!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday March!

If you are born in the month of March,
You are one of the *LUCKY* ones
to have the amazing Aquamarine as your birthstone.

Rings L-R by Gabriella Kiss, Henrich + Denzel, Barbara Heinrich, Maria Beaulieu
If you can picture the cerulean blue waters of the Mediterranean,
you will understand why the birthstone for March is named Aquamarine. Derived from the Roman word "Aqua," meaning water, and "mare," meaning sea, this pale blue gem does indeed resemble the color of seawater. The ancient Romans believed that the Aquamarine was sacred to Neptune, the god of the sea, having fallen from the jewel boxes of sirens and washed onto shore. Early sailors wore aquamarine talismans, engraved with the likeness of Neptune, as protection against dangers at sea.

Above Jewelry by Barbara Heinrich
The Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family. Beryl is a mineral that crystallizes within large grained igneous rocks on the earth's crust. It varies in color from clear to vibrantly colored gemstones such as the Emerald. Beryl was used as far back as 2,000 years ago to correct vision, and it continues to be used today in the manufacture of eyeglasses. It is a very hard mineral, making the Aquamarine a durable gemstone for use in jewelry.