Friday, September 11, 2009


DoDo by Pomellato was created in 1995 to serve as a fashionable contributor to protecting the environment. A portion of the collection's annual sales is donated to the World Wildlife Fund in Italy, leading efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats.

Pomellato chose the extinct DoDo bird of Mauritius as the first solid gold charm in the series as a symbol and constant reminder of the Italian Jeweler's dedication to protecting the world's endangered species. The Dodo, "I am your Dodo"...

DoDo introduces new charms annually to the collection, each one representing a personal message of love, friendship and emotion. In addition to the Dodo charm, messages for include: The Dolphin, "Take me with you"..., The Horse, "Let‘s run away together"...,

The Owl, "I love the night"..., The Penguin, "A fool in love"..., The Snail, "My love, don't rush"... , And the Frog, "Kiss me, I‘m your prince".

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