Sunday, April 14, 2013


Our Anne Sportun Trunk Show starts tomorrow, and we are OH SO EXCITED!
This is a beautiful show with a wide variety of styles, whether you are celebrating Mother's Day or have a wedding around the corner, this is a must-see event!
 As an alternative to classic engagement rings, many brides choose to stand out with an alternative engagement ring style. Bend tradition—slightly or substantially— with Anne Sportun's beautiful assortment of distinct engagement rings.

Adorn your wrists in hand-crafted gold, diamonds, and natural stone beads.
Tokens in gold and diamonds... to be collected and treasured.
 Let your hands do the talking!
 Hand crafted studs, drops, and chandeliers embellished with diamonds, sapphires and pearls... making every day exceptional.
 The Eclipse collection captures the essence of the celestial night, with the sophistication and glimmering beauty of black diamonds.
 Begin your story together...
 The Arc Flow Collection is classic, delicate and winnowed into a single diamond-set arc.
Distilled and subtle, the Flow Collection’s elegance reveals itself in natural form with delicate movement and sparkle.
 Inspired by the leaf of the water lily, the Lilydust Collection symbolizes purity and simplicity. Each diamond glistens like a fresh drop of rain.
 Sleek and classic, textured and undulating… these weddings bands symbolize a lifetime of love and commitment.
 Grace yourself with natural gemstone and diamond necklaces... pieces which embody the essence of Anne's design philosophy.
 Enduring design and craftsmanship to cherish for a lifetime…
 Matte beaded hand texturing sets off the natural brilliance of orange, pink and yellow sapphires in the Sunburst Collection.
 A mix of old world rose-cut and modern brilliant cut diamonds are playfully set amidst concave gold spheres in the Verve Collection.
 Like a tangible night sky cascading with stars, the Stardust Collection comes alive with celestial beauty.
 Rings for the special moments in your life and everyday thereafter.
Contemplative gemstone bead pieces to wrap, layer and personalize with charms; to be given, received, and worn in thoughtfulness.

So much to see!  Join us!!!

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