Tuesday, June 25, 2013


“Colorful, juicy, mouth-watering, playful and sensual” are some of the words women have used to describe Mallary Marks’ jewelry. While the metal work patterns she creates are captivating in themselves, from Tibetan Lace to beaded latticework, the brilliant gemstones are the star of the show.

Mallary Marks opened her studio at the tender age of twenty-four, after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, then working for several years as a goldsmith.

Heavily influenced by her “heroes”, from Alexander Calder to Odilon Redon and Henri Matisse, Marks creates every piece by hand. Each piece reflects an idea in some way; insects, photographs, art, literature, architecture and ancient and indigenous crafts are referenced in her various collections.

Mallary has a passion for searching the world over (literally- she is a travel fanatic) for inspiration. She then uses her ability to marry precious, semiprecious, transparent and opaque gemstones into striking and unusual color compositions. Stones, such as multi colored sapphires, lapis, diamonds, chrysophrase, orange garnets, agates and emeralds (to name a few) are joined with intricate patterns of pure gold distinguishing each handmade piece with thoughtfulness and authenticity.

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