Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday April!

If you have an April birthday, you are one lucky lady!
You get to show up to your party and be utterly glam to the max!
This diamond slice bracelet by Loriann Stevenson is just one way to celebrate in style!
Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds... they are what every girl dreams of, and you April babies 
have the perfect excuse to go all out! Diamonds come in every size, shape, and color you could imagine. 

Diamonds in their natural form.  Rough, raw and absolutely riveting!
One step further for diamonds from their natural form, these have been polished to perfection!
And to the almost finished product...each stone has a unique personality of its own!
Remember when you blew out your candles last year? 
Go ahead, get everything you wished for!
If you know yourself (ahem, Taurus!) and know you need more this birthday, 
treat yourself and make it happen!  You are not one to sit idly, right Aries?!
We have just the thing for you...
Clustered raw diamond earrings by Todd Reed - these will make every day feel like your birthday!
Quadrum has what you desire...begin to lust after your own collection of birthday jewelry!
Me&Ro's Tibetan Mirror Pendant features classic white diamonds - certainly something to go wild for!
Black lace diamond ring by Gabriella Kiss - your birthday will be ALL smiles with this one of a kind beaut!
We're here for you, let us help you have your most luscious birthday yet!!

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