Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Color Essentials!

Happy summer, it's official! June 21st marked the summer solstice, woohoo! So now what?

Now there's no excuse! Bring out those fab summer colors we have waited all year long to bask in. Turquoise, coral, blues, greens, is the time to get your color loaded sparkle on - we can help with the color part, just let the sun do the rest!

Here is just a tiny taste of what summer essentials we have in the gallery waiting for you...

Lola Brooks' faceted aquamarine cool water on the hottest of days.

Pure turquoise, dripping gold, diamonds...these Lucifer Vir Honestus earrings will be a summer staple, day or night!

For the summer worshiper in us all, these Nicole Landaw Pink Tourmaline earrings are truly the season's totem.

Reinstein/Ross. Emerald. Tassels. Need we say more?!

Gabriella Kiss never skimps when it comes to vibrant stones! Chrysophase is coveted for it's eye-catching color, and these cabochon earrings are no exception. Let your hair down this summer and show your true colors!

It's heating up already just looking at these stunners! Don't let another gorgeous day go by without the proper summer wardrobe accoutrements.  Let us assist you...we know the secret shortcut to soaking up the summer sun in handmade artisan jewelry style! Visit our "Summer Essentials" collection on our website for more inspiration!

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