Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September is for Sapphires!

September, oh beautiful September. The air is crisp, and the sun is still shining warmly - what a perfect and cherished time of year! While you are relishing in your gorgeous birthday month, amp up the preciousness with a stunning sapphire. Then you will truly be celebrating adoration all around.

Try on the celestial gift of a star sapphire. This unique stone glows and enchants. The white six point asterism that is present in this light blue stone will put stars in your eyes! Annette Ferdinandsen has so beautifully set your beloved birthstone in an 18K "cracked egg" bezel - make it yours and remember 2014's birthday forever!

This deep blue sapphire and white diamond "Candy Dome" ring by Alex Sepkus would be the ideal birthday gift for any woman seeking distinction this year. Texture, twinkle and treasure...this ring has it all!

Gabriella Kiss takes the prize for birthday whimsy! These deep blue sapphire and 18K "Gem Bug" studs are playful and perfect for every day. When in doubt, give the gift of nature!

"I try to find the most exquisite specimens and then set them with just enough gold to highlight their natural beauty" - Maria Beaulieu Well, she has certainly succeeded with this purple star sapphire! Sapphire is traditionally the birthstone for September, but here at Quadrum we love to stretch the limits of tradition, so we say make your own tradition and if you want a sapphire for your birthday that isn't blue...go for it!

The exquisite synthesis between mixed metals and gemstones is presented on this scroll band from Nathan Levy. The cabochon blue sapphires encircling the platinum and 18K band are nothing to shy away from. Big birthdays are for big jewelry statements!

Created with a most unusual and unique process, Polly Wales crafts one of a kind pieces of jewelry every time! This ombre blue sapphire "Crystal" ring is begging for an occasion as personal as a birthday to join your jewelry collection. Raw, unconventional beauty meets wearable sculpture - what could be better?!

For those of you who love white gold, never fear, there are many sapphire options for you as well! Reinstein/Ross and Barbara Heinrich show us how stunning of a combination sapphires and 18K white gold can be.

Whether you love blue, pink or yellow sapphires...yellow gold or white, Quadrum has your optimal birthday gift waiting in our cases. Let us assist you in finding what strikes you, and just must go home with you. Start your birthday month off with a sparkle!

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