Thursday, January 21, 2010



First impressions of geometric designs readily give way to images of natural, organic shapes in Alexandra Watkins’ work, shapes that are once independent and interactive. These singular works of art, hand-constructed of high carat gold, present a visual dialogue between space and form reminiscent of primitive landscapes and motifs.

Using chasing, repousse, 24k gold appliqué, and unusual stones, crystals, and objects of antiquity, Watkins draws the viewer into her dialogue from a variety of perspectives. One finds point and counterpoint, statement and response, movement and balance in her jewelry, all of which make these small sculptures comfortable to wear.


In Nancy Michel’s art, intimate and tactile surfaces are used to create three-dimensional sculptures that are simultaneously powerful and delicate. Her designs in jewelry reflect forms in nature - suggestions of lakes, rocks, and landscapes bring movement and impressions of changing light to her work.

These one-of-a-kind pieces are hand-constructed from flat sheets of gold or silver, with stones, fossils, and artifacts often placed as focal points. Michel’s use of textured gold complements the natural properties of the materials she selects.

Each work, carefully planned, has the spontaneity and the components of a setting from nature. For Michel, it is important that her jewelry - these body sculptures - echo the aesthetic expression of both artist and owner.

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