Saturday, January 23, 2010


Reinstein/Ross was founded in 1985 by jewelry designer Susan Reinstein and her partner, gem expert Brian Ross. Susan had gained a lot of attention for her fresh and luxurious jewelry design, and the opening of Reinstein/Ross in Soho was an immediate success. The combination of the classical goldsmithing techniques, custom alloys of unique colors of high carat gold, and exotic colored precious stones were immediately recognized by both consumers and the fashion press. Hand-fabricated, exquisite, high-carat gold jewelry. The work of Reinstein/Ross has influenced an entire generation of jewelry designers. Pairing vibrant precious stones and classical goldsmithing techniques used by ancient cultures, Reinstein/Ross jewelry is designed and hand-fabricated in New York City, in their Madison Avenue shop. Reinstein/Ross jewelry is distinctly contemporary, but has a timeless quality.
Their collection is extensive, ranging from their original simple hoop earrings with changeable drops, to necklaces, bracelets and signature show pieces. Other special objects include complex bejeweled and granulated objects such as boxes, picture frames, belt buckles and knife handles.
Reinstein/Ross is proud of their widespread reputation for offering wonderful choices in engagement rings, wedding bands and other occasional jewelry choices.
Custom-made jewelry is their specialty at Reinstein/Ross. In addition to designing special piece's of original jewelry, stones from a piece that has been in your family for years can be used and reset for you in one of our signature styles. It can be very meaningful to keep personally significant and sentimental jewelry “alive” by resetting the stones and creating a fresh, and special, piece of custom jewelry -- a new heirloom.

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