Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cuff Summer Lovin'

There's just so much to love about summer!
Beach days, lemonade, pretty pink toes and fresh tomatoes...oh the list goes on!
What we really love about summer, above all else, is how amazing jewelry looks on sun-kissed skin!
We are really into cuff bracelets right now - our billowy tanks are on and we are rocking the big bold look of the summer season to the max! Here are just a few highlights from our beautiful and fun summer stock...

John Iversen is the maker of this ingeniously crafted oxidized sterling silver doubloon cuff - have you ever seen anything like it?! It is so incredibly comfortable and so incredibly fabulous! We love the silvery textures, making it the perfect statement piece night or day.

Todd Reed is another favorite this time of year (well, anytime really!) but we are especially enamored right now because of the way the raw diamonds catch so much sunlight and glimmer with every turn and every angle. It's actually hard to concentrate on anything else among the presence of one of these beauties, seriously. Todd really knows how to catch our attention - ever since the Couture show we have been utterly fixated on his cuffs! Yellow, grey, champagne, black and white - rough diamonds have never looked so good, and we have fallen deep in love.

Pat Flynn. Summer. Staple.  Bare arms no more! Whether diamonds or gold are your fix - Pat Flynn has a stunning piece that will accentuate your summer style! The elegant and raw pairing of iron with precious metals and stones is a must have.

So the theme is simple: bold, bewitching and beautiful. Now get out there with your favorite piece of handmade artisan jewelry and enjoy this fabulous summer!!!

P.S.  Never fear, cuff tan lines can always be covered up by more stacks of bracelets!

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