Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Babies, It's not too late! Gather Your Rubies!


The artists that we represent come from around the world, and one thing they all have in common is their love and fascination for gemstones. Happy Birthday all you July babies, this month it's all about rubies!

One of the four precious stones, rubies lure us in with their colorful energy. Their bright pink and deep red sparkle are truly enchanting. Being in the corundum, or sapphire, family means that you don't have to feel bound by one shade of color. Sapphires are fair game here, so celebrate your month in the most colorful, gorgeous fashion!

Oh, you lucky July ladies...look what we have in store for you!


Looking for something special and utterly unique? This deep Ruby Star Sapphire bezel set in an 18K gold "egg" by Annette Ferdinandsen certainly fits the ticket! The glow of this six point asterism stone will entrance you.


Vibrant faceted rubies adorn this 18K gold wrap bracelet by Anne Sportun creating luscious layers of color. Wonderfully versatile, this bracelet can also be worn as a necklace, long or wrapped to layer. This is a piece that is coveted by jewelry collectors worldwide, make it a part of your birthday celebration this year!


Gabriella Kiss is an artist of many talents, never lacking in her impeccable selection of gemstones. This dark pink ruby is small but mighty! The faceted marquis stands alone, and would also make a beautiful addition to any stack. Bring this one of a kind home on your hand!


Just under a half carat, and handmade by Barbara Heinrich, this faceted oval ruby is bezel set and finished with precious granulation. Make this sweet little stone part of your stack for a birthday you'll never forget!


African Ruby. Jamie Joseph. Say no more! This brightly colored stone will sing to you, and bring you birthday joy for years to come!!


Birthday stunners! These rose cut, deep fuchsia colored rubies are set in Gabriella Kiss' signature scallop bezel and dangle daintily showcasing their remarkable color. 


If you've never experienced a Polly Wales ring on your finger, this would be the birthday to realize that feeling! This one of a kind "Crystal" 18K ring holds twelve rubies in treasure-like form. Discover what is so unusually perfect about this piece!


 Think outside the birthstone box with this ravishing red sapphire slice pendant from Nicole Landaw. The facets, the inclusions, the smooth bezel and variegated color...what's not to love?! Stand out, it's your day!


Rose gold and rubies...what an absolutely lovely combination! Flanked with inverted black diamonds, this Todd Pownell ring is hammered to complete perfection. Wear your birthday every day - that's what rings are for, eh?!


When we think of Reinstein/Ross, we think of timeless, sophisticated elegance. This smooth ruby necklace with flared 22K tube beads is no exception. This is a piece you will wear time and time again because it is just so special.

Known as "The King of Gems", rubies have long been recognized for their regal beauty. Now, Cancer and Leo, it's your time to shine in the handcrafted jewelry limelight! Treat yourself to what you really want this year!

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