Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jewelry to Fall for...a Preview of the Season!
Now that fall is quickly approaching, we wanted to give you a quick Instagram snapshot documenting a few of our favorite pieces for the upcoming season. Fall is the time for rustic elegance.
So... Enjoy. Swoon. Indulge. (We sure do!)
Reinstein/Ross' signature 22K gold and sapphire briolette earrings
We literally LOVE everything that Reinstein/Ross handcrafts every day of the year, but these Vine Earrings are particularly appropriate for fall! The cascading gemstones are an ombre of solid color, the warm 22K gold, and the layers upon layers of elegant intricacies are just what we crave this time of year.

We could mix and match all day (come play with us!), so here are three images of a recent favorite bangle stacking combination.
From top to bottom we have Gabriella Kiss, Pat Flynn, and Todd Pownell.
Now imagine these three bracelets, all in a pretty little stack on your arm...
This 18K pave diamond snake bangle from Gabriella Kiss is the perfect beginning of a beautiful bracelet stack
Pat Flynn's full diamond sprinkle nail bracelet acts as the center complement to a dreamy stack of bangles
And to top it all off, Todd Pownell's inverted black diamond fissure bracelet takes this stack over the edge
Cocktail parties + Arm parties = Fall fabulousness extraordinaire!
They are made for each other, and we love it all!
Show 'em what you've got! Still wearing your summer tan, exposing your killer jewelry collection...stack 'em up this season!
All together these make for a pretty fabulous array...wouldn't you say?!
As promised, that was our (very) mini snapshot of what our fall is looking like so far!
We of course have diamonds for days, and so much more, but the season is young so we must pace ourselves. ;)
Visit the gallery and liven up your collection, or just show us what you've got!
We love seeing what you come up with for layering and mixing designers - we get inspired too!

Now get out there to soak up the rest of summer, and start prepping your closet for autumn!

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