Saturday, August 23, 2014

Behind The Scenes : Gabriella Kiss

There are many reasons why everyone is going wild for Gabriella Kiss' jewelry, and the main one that we can all agree on is that her handmade designs are the epitome of natural beauty.
A sampling of Quadrum's extensive collection from Gabriella Kiss
 While Quadrum carries a magnificent array of Gabriella's work, we are always waiting in the wings to see what she will come up with next! This is why we feel super lucky to have Gael Towey's talented eye behind the lens and providing us with an intimate look into Gabriella's studio! Here are a few shots of what is new and gorgeous and being meticulously crafted in Kiss' Hudson Valley workshop. (Thank you Gael, for sharing your special visit with us all!)
The artist's work bench...we spy snakes and wasps, oh my!
New work snapshot - that tourmaline is thrilling!
Stunning stones, scalloped bezels, 18K gold...all of Gabriella's signatures in completely new forms!
PS, If you have not yet seen Gael's short film "Portraits in Creativity" on Gabriella, take the time to watch it and become enchanted. It will take your breath away!
Learn more about the Portraits in Creativity project here.

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