Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My motivation to create jewelry is like an inborn momentum, which I do not take credit for, for it has been with me as long as I can remember. Specific inspirations are often the starting point for a new body of work; they set off the creative process, which is so crucial for any artist. In order to allow the creative process to unfold, I keep an empty space in myself at all times, undisturbed by distractions or business and uncluttered by preconceived images or aesthetic judgments. This empty space is sometimes scary to enter because nothing exists in there, not even my own skills and accomplishments. In this empty space, the creative power takes over and my inner eye conceives new pieces or ideas before they are given birth by my goldsmith skills at the workbench. Anything can serve as inspiration for me: remembering a fairy tale from my childhood, looking back at a painting, studying natural forms, or simply daydreaming. It takes the right time and circumstances for the inspiration to set off the creative process and serve as the initial impulse for a new piece of jewelry. I prepare myself by keeping a sketchbook at hand, my way of catching the ideas and images before they flee back into the realm of the invisible and uncreated.

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