Friday, October 23, 2009


Born and raised in Turkey, Gurhan studied mathematics and business at the University of Ankara and pursued a variety of careers before finding his true vocation as a jewelry designer and goldsmith. It was through his introduction to the unique qualities of pure 24k gold that Gurhan ultimately discovered his creative muse. Gurhan established his first workshop in 1994 in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Inspired by the elemental beauty of pure gold, he chose to forgo formal training and instead recreate for himself the original techniques of the ancient Anatolian and Byzantine metalsmiths. By deconstructing early examples of pure gold jewelry, he learned how they achieved both the strength and lightness necessary to turn 24k gold into jewelry. Eschewing modern technology, he utilized only the primitive tools and methods of antiquity, such as wood, bone and beach sand for buffing and polishing the metal.

Based in New York City and Istanbul, Gurhan's jewelry has remained true to its origins: simple, classic lines, the warm, rich hue and voluptuous texture of pure metal and integrity of design and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of his 24k gold collection. All pieces are fabricated by hand within his own studio, either by Gurhan himself or apprentices who, with no previous training in metalsmithing or jewelry, learn the ancient craft in the same manner he did, untainted by modern methods or preconceptions.

Gurhan Orhan is renowned for his sensual and exotic designs in pure 24 karat yellow gold and precious gems. Gurhan Jewelry beautifully mixes ancient exoticism with modern sensibilities and fashion.
Gurhan is committed to designing and creating jewelry that is comfortable to wear, sensual to touch, and timeless.
He says:
"I seek to evoke the past in the context of the present. When I create my jewelry, I enter the mind of the ancient goldsmiths, reincarnating the mystery of their techniques and their spirit, and reinterpreting it with the inspiration of today's refined elegance."
Gurhan Jewelry is lovingly handmade and truly original. His use of pure 24 karat yellow gold creates warmth and deep sensuality, communicating an exotic energy to the woman wearing his earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Gurhan Jewelry reminds us just how wonderful pure yellow gold jewelry looks and feels.

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