Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Paul Morelli has built his business designing jewelry that speaks to a sophisticated audience with the utmost in creativity, innovation and meticulous attention to detail. Morelli works exclusively in 18-karat yellow gold and platinum. Sourcing only the finest materials, he crafts raw materials into fresh shapes and forms resulting in timeless works of art to be treasured for a lifetime.
Paul Morelli has built his 25+ year career as one of America’s preeminent jewelry designers upon seasonal collections marked by a profound attention to detail. Whether it’s the pristine architectural lines of his Diamonds on a Wire collection or the stylized botanical details in his nature-inspired pieces, his restless creativity, desire for innovation and careful attention to detail are the common threads that weave throughout his 25-year in jewelry design.

Paul works exclusively in 18-karat gold and platinum, favoring mostly diamonds and pearls, crafting these raw materials into fresh shapes and forms with every new collection. While many designers have an instantly recognizable style, jewelry from the Paul Morelli studio is distinguished by its fine workmanship and technique rather than by a signature motif. The styles are fluid, but the artistry remains constant: as Paul explains it, “I design jewelry in the same way that fashion designers design clothes, creating fresh perspectives every season.”

The comparison with clothing design is no accident. Paul, a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, has been immersed in the design world since childhood, when he worked as an apprentice to his father, an opera and theater costume designer based in Philadelphia. His love of fashion and art, his precise, perfectionist nature and his preference for working with his hands led Paul on a different, parallel path: the exacting and challenging avenue of jewelry design.

He established his studio in 1982 in his father’s former costume atelier, which he transformed into a workshop and showroom with a clean, contemporary aesthetic that provides and elegant backdrop to the intricately wrought pieces. It is in this lofty, light-filled space that the jewelry is conceived, designed and made by hand, in the tradition of the European masters.

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