Monday, July 19, 2010

George Sawyer: A peek into the artist's world

“I didn’t have a conventional education in jewelry design. I was a Humanities Major at the University of Minnesota. With a liberal arts program that combined literature, art history and the sciences, the Humanities Department’s goal was to produce well-rounded graduates in the Renaissance ideal. Most employers didn’t share this interest, so I decided to pursue one of my extracurricular interests – fast cars.”

“I had the good fortune to get a job at Kar Kraft, a small firm in Detroit that designed and built some of the most famous racing cars of the era. There, I was able to learn about metalworking from some of the most talented metalworkers in the world. As a diversion, I took an evening course in jewelry and my diversion soon became my passion. I sold my racing car to finance tools and time and began my life as a jewelry designer”

George Sawyer’s pieces are one-of- a-kind pieces in every sense. Made by one Master Goldsmith from beginning to end, each one bearing their initials along with George’s signature and the date the piece was produced. His work is made to be worn for a lifetime.

Over 1000 years ago, Japanese Swordsmiths developed a method of folding and forging handmade steel over and over into a multi-thousand layer swordblade. The pattern resembled a type of wood grain pattern in the blade called “Mokume”. George Sawyer’s signature patterned metalwork designs were inspired by this ancient craft. Think of it as Michelangelo meets “Kill Bill”. Mirror image bands are available in any mix of styles and sizes.

Mirror image slices are used to make matched sets of engagement and wedding rings. Since the matching slices can be made into a variety of shape and width combinations, couples can choose ring sets that are pattern matched and made only for them, as unique as fingerprints. Perfectly symmetrical, couples wear rings that not only match each other, but essentially are each other. The reflection of one is the other.

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