Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meet Arun Bohra of Arunashi

A native of Jaipur, India, Arun Bohra was destined to design and make jewelry. He is the eighth generation of a family that has been in the jewelry business since 1841, creating exquisite, elaborately detailed pieces for Indian royalty. Arun draws on the rich heritage of both his family and his culture in creating his own signature line of 22K gold and gemstone jewelry. As he describes it, “Being in the jewelry business is as natural to me as breathing”. Arun began his professional career as a gemstone dealer, where he enjoyed the challenge of finding rare, beautiful stones. However, after several years, a desire to exercise his creative side as well brought him to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, where he studied Jewelry Design and Manufacturing, and completed the program as a Graduate Jeweler (G. J).

In 2004, Arun and his Wife, Ashita, combined their names, talents and experience to create their own line of jewelry, Arunashi. Hand crafted in his family’s Jaipur studio, Arun’s designs are created with painstaking attention to detail and comprised of luxurious 22K gold, brilliantly hued gemstones, and more recently, oxidized white gold.

His inspiration comes from diverse sources, including the Mogul-era jewelry making traditions and techniques of his native India, the elaborate, painterly interpretations of nature from the Art Nouveau period, and last but not least, his wife Ashita, who embodies the characteristics of his ideal woman: beautiful, intelligent and balanced, all qualities that are present in his jewelry collections.

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