Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meet Heather B. Moore:

Heather grew up in a busy household with her mom, a science teacher and natural history maiden, who would bring home raccoons to care for and love! Her father, a young entrepreneur and workaholic, was always coming up with products for the car industry in their kitchen. His first big job was for Ford; he had to hire 10 babysitters around the neighborhood to get the job done in the living room. Her parents always taught her to think outside the box.

"We went to garage sales from the very beginning. In an old steel mill town like Cleveland, you are always bound to find something useful. When I was 13, I found a tool we still use in the shop to this day (and every day, actually), my first stamp set from the late 1800s. I would carry that set around for the next 20 years before actually using it."

Heather B. Moore Inc. was established in 1994 with Heather designing a number of different collections over the past 14 years. Heather is constantly challenging herself, which is reflected in her evolving style of jewelry design. This personalized collection was inspired by a wedding ring Heather made in 2000. The ring had two tags, both with Heather and Thomas’s names on them. In order to compliment the ring, she created a necklace with her four children’s names. This is the finest personalized collection on the market, which is apparent by comparing the weight, craftsmanship, and overall design of the charms.

The studio, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is filled with a number of mastered craftspeople, most recent graduates from acclaimed colleges around the country who make the pieces from start to finish. The designs are all made using precious metals of sterling silver and a rainbow of 14k golds: yellow, white, green and rose. The quality of the jewelry is apparent at first sight.

This new collection is not about impulse buy jewelry; it’s about your life, documenting all that is important and remembering what shaped you and who, where and why. Learning about people’s lives every day is inspiring, hearing stories about joy, sadness, laughter, and all of the above. Everyone has something special in his or her life to acknowledge or celebrate. Heather turns everyday jewelry into treasured timepieces that are worn and collected for a lifetime.

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