Monday, May 12, 2014

Gabriella Kiss: A Portrait in Creativity

"Enchanted with the gesture of the human hand, and the gestures of nature, Gabriella Kiss creates jewelry that reconnects us to the wonders of the forest and its floor. Her discoveries are our treasures..."" - Gael Towey

Gael Towey is an incredibly talented woman with an amazing repertoire of work under her belt. Her production company, Gael Towey & Co. Short Films has documented a number of artists and their inspirations in concise and gorgeous video form. Read more about Ms. Towey and her life's work here!

A recent video of Gael Towey & Co. Short Films highlights the beautiful life, work, and inspirations of Gabriella Kiss! We invite you to take a closer look at the jewelry designer, whom we all know and love, and jump at any opportunity to peek inside her fascinating world! 

We are forever in love with how Gabriella wears her jewelry - truly inspirational!
"Gabriella has a very balanced way of looking at the world...she has true beauty and inner beauty..."- Ted Muehling
"Pearls are amazing...Tahitian and South Sea pearls... really are treasures of the sea." -Gabriella Kiss
"Clipper ships...having a voyage taking place by your ears...I have always come at my work to be small sculpture..." -Gabriella Kiss
"I do truly have wonder for nature...and the tiny things in all is miraculous and amazing..." -Gabriella Kiss
The "Love Token" series was inspired by the 19th century tradition of giving a painted eye to a loved one.

Many thanks to Gael Towey, who produced and directed this lovely short film. It is no surprise that Ms. Towey's great love is storytelling. Her short-form videos, "Portraits in Creativity" reveal the bravery of artists and artisans all while seeking to capture the visual seduction of the creative process. Success, and bravo Ms. Towey...just like Gabriella Kiss' jewelry, this short film is a real treasure!

All images above have been taken from the film, courtesy of Gentl + Hyers, Directors of Photography, whom we also thank for sharing such visual brilliance!

(Andrea Gentl has an amazingly beautiful blog: - check it out!)

Also featured in the film are: Chris Lehrecke, Ted Muehling, and Ralph Pucci International.


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