Saturday, May 24, 2014

Please Welcome Rosanne Pugliese!

We are delighted to introduce to you our newest artist, Rosanne Pugliese! Handmade in a small artisan workshop in New York City, the majority of Rosanne's collection is made in 22K gold. Each piece is hand wrought, from the timeless hoop earrings to the intricate chains.

Rosanne carefully chooses each gemstone that is incorporated into every elegant piece. Her designs are earthy and raw while keeping to a classic and gentle feminine look, which makes them so unique and prized. There is an extremely apparent respect that is given each piece from start to finish.

Rosanne is very intentional in the way that she runs her small jewelry company so that it may remain an environmentally responsible business, using only recycled precious metals.

Credit goes to design director Toyo Kurokawa for her talent and inspiration, and for the quality of each piece that leaves the workshop.

"I discovered my passion for jewelry making while in the midst of a career in the fashion world. I was greatly influenced while designing for Calvin Klein, honing an eye for choosing luxurious, sensuous materials and putting them to work in clean, modern, sculptural forms." -Rosanne Pugliese
We just LOVE Rosanne's work! It is refreshing and sophisticated. Her use of asymmetrical and mismatched gemstones is so invigorating and playful. These aspects coupled with her gentle finishing techniques give this jewelry collection a true sense of wonderment and refinement. There is no mistaking the attention to detail and fine lines that are so present in this strong body of work.

Visit Quadrum to view this beautiful new collection in person, or catch a sneak peek at the gallery's luxurious new addition here.

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