Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Enhydro Quartz Pendants by Maria Beaulieu

These one-of-a-kind Enhydro-Quartz pendants from Maria Beaulieu have just been added to our cases! Each stone has a water filled chamber within...utterly unique and completely captivating. These special pendants hang from Maria's handmade paperclip chains - aren't they simply breathtaking?!
Maria Beaulieu’s Rock Crystal Enhydro “Bubble” amulets have a soothing, grounding energy that will unite you with the power of each stone. You just have to hold one of these special “Bubble” pendants to feel the mesmerizing, meditative energy.
The word "enhydrous" has Greek origins meaning "having water within". Enydros often contain bubbles of air trapped in the pockets of water within the crystal, and so they are also sometimes called "water bubble quartz" which contains channels of water purified by hundreds of thousands of years of geological time, and intense heat and pressure. The "channels or voids" can contain extremely large air bubbles to teeny tiny bubbles along with black specks. By the logic of their formation, enhydrous water bubble quartz usually contains inclusions and can have really interesting matrix. Look deep inside and each stone has its own unique Zen landscape. No two are the same, depending on the stone you may see swirling clouds, rainbow inclusions and brilliant white inclusions within the quartz crystal. Go ahead and get lost!

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