Saturday, May 17, 2014

May We Interest You in a Cocktail?!

Cocktail rings, mixed drinks, it's Saturday...and we love them both, so why not have at it?!
While you don't necessarily have to be sipping a martini in order to sufficiently flaunt your fabulous new ring, it certainly doesn't hurt the matter.

Historically, the cocktail ring (also known as a dinner ring) was a piece of jewelry that was first and foremost over sized. This large stone was also often surrounded by tiny stones.
We modern women can work with this!
Large stone? Check!
Statement maker? Check!
Dinner, Cocktails? Check, Check!

We thank Jamie Joseph (pretty much on a daily basis) for giving cocktail rings a fresh new look. Unique, colorful, bold and affordable - they consistently blow us out of the water with their gorgeous array of stones cut into unparalleled shapes.

With the warm weather here at last, we can finally give our sun kissed hands and freshly manicured nails an over sized complement! There is every color to choose from...what speaks to you?!

Visit the gallery to see our complete treasure trove of Jamie Joseph cocktail rings, or view an abbreviated version of the collection here.

See you on the patio!

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